Saturday, 20 December 2014

ADFS 3.0 Errors 100, 102, 277

Problem Description

ADFS service starting but when you open the ADFS Management console you get the error:

ADMIN0017: An exception occurred while connection to the configuration service. The configuration service URL 'net.tcp//localhost:1500/policy' may be incorrect or  the  AD FS x.0 Windows Service is not running

You also get errors similar to the above while trying to execute PowerShell commands for ADFS.

You will also get ADFS errors 100, 102 and 277 in Event Viewer.


The issue is with the ADFS service config file at:


Someone may have made a change to the switchValue parameter for server traces. This value is case sensitive. In this case, the value was set to 'off' when it should have been 'Off'. Another value is 'Verbose'. Fix the switchValue parameter and restart the ADFS service.


  1. I have made the changes but still ADF service is not able to restart. Can you please help.. I have the same error message as mentioned above.

  2. Go to powershell> run following command
    net start adfssrv
    this should start the adfs service